#YouMeEntrepreneur meet Abdul Aziz Omar and Mauro Moglianetti

Toni Vicars

By Toni Vicars

January 1, 2021

Meet Abdul Aziz Omar

“I was a Head of Strategic Planning at the Unclaimed Assets Authority and now I am the Co-Founder of MPost”

What lead you to start your own business?

After completing my master’s degree, I was waiting to hear back from my dream job after being shortlisted in the top 30 candidates. I was supposed to receive the feedback via postal service in Denyenye, Kwale County. After three months and no feedback, I decided to visit the local post office to check if there was any mail. To my disappointment, I found a mail saying that I had passed the interview, and my appointment letter was in the mailbox. Unfortunately, I lost my dream job since the letter had indicated that if they don’t get word from me in a week, they would assume I am not interested. Since innovation was born out of the professional disappointment, I co-founded MPost, a product that would save people the hustle of walking to the post office to check their mail and the frustration of finding out about important letters too late.

What’s been the best benefit of starting MPost?

It is being able to solve people’s pains and having a positive impact on society. We have already created Pata Ajira an initiative that created almost 3000 jobs in just 6 months. We are helping to change people’s lives.

Meet Mauro Moglianetti

“I am the CEO of HiQ-Nano and inventor of iBlue, the first antioxidant test kit. I am a researcher in chemistry, nanotechnology and materials engineering. I am really passionate about science and his “sister” innovation.”

Why did you think about starting a company?

I always wanted to drive the process of innovation from the lab bench to the market. In particular, I always wanted to see my scientific ideas get translated into disruptive innovation, improve lives, and increase knowledge. Our main product, iBlue, was born with the hope of giving people a key and scientific parameter.

What motivates you?

Being part of a startup is so exciting as you see the idea growing fast. This strongly motivates me to move on and deliver a great product to people looking to a scientific approach to their daily routine.

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