Webinar on Demand: Business Ideas Virtual Workshop

Toni Vicars

By Toni Vicars

November 30, 2020

Leap into your future!

This virtual session is designed to introduce you to the skills and tools needed to help you generate, explore and evaluate initial business ideas for a new startup or side hustle as well as give you a sample of the ASPIRE programme. This session will:

  • Help you discover how to use problematic thinking when looking for startup ideas of all kinds
  • Explore the role timing has in making an idea successful
  • Help you create a knowledge bank of ideas that will boost your confidence and give you a great start 

Meet Dan Roe who leads the session

The session will be lead by one of our favourite workshop coaches. Dan is the Founder of Outhebox.io and a leading Innovation Coach. He worked in the corporate world before giving it up for startup life and hasn’t looked back. Dan specialises in Lean Startup and Design Thinking training and coaching. He’s taken the route of building his own startup himself and will be sharing with you insights from his own journey. Check out Dan’s LinkedIn here to find out more

Watch the playback here, no registration needed.

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