Introducing Foundry

We believe in the mantra “don’t let staff go, let them grow.”

Startup creative training for all stages of the employee lifecycle.

Unfortunately, businesses can’t always afford to keep all their employees, or there is a natural progression of departure within the organisation that has a short employee lifecycle.

However, there is a huge opportunity for organisations of all sizes to review how they add strategic startup outskilling into this later phase of the employee journey.

Now is the time.

89% of CEOs agreed investments in “outskilling” initiatives would benefit their companies’ reputations with consumers and their relationships with employees.

In the UK alone, 76% of people who have been made redundant during lockdown have developed a new business.

Downturns or challenging times drives new customer needs. Supporting your talent to solve these challenges can lead to new opportunity.

Brands with a purpose set on improving our quality of life outperform the stock market by 120%.

Sprint 1:

  • Ideation Validation: Introduction to the key tools and methodologies for testing ideas
  • Discovery: Testing customer assumptions and building business models

Sprint 2:

  • Prototype: Prioritise your product/service key elements and test the business model.
  • Accelerator: Find those early customers and iterate to grow the business.

Designed for success.

Using our ASPIRE Launch programme we teach people how to build a business through a learn-by-doing programme. 

Based on proven methodologies and our own 14 years of success in the innovation space and building startups and ventures, we’ve created a programme designed to teach talent the skill of the startup.

We don’t make promises or commitments we can’t deliver upon. What we do know is that this works.

Split into two Sprints, this is the most effective way to train critical skills, mindset and tools to start and build a successful startup.

Empowering talent.

Don’t let talent go, let them grow.

By providing new pathways when talent wants or needs to leave, you create opportunity for everyone involved.

  • Reduce productivity decline.
    Protect against the typical 20% reduction following redundancies or downturns.

  • Enhance brand perception.
    Enhance your external and employee brand while creating ambassadors.

  • New innovation.
    As Nokia discovered, talent often have ideas for industry-specific solutions that can lead to cost savings and new revenue opportunities.

  • Economic Growth.
    Stimulate local growth and drive new job creation. 

Nokia’s Bridge programme.

We know that innovation from within, especially around industry problems can be incredibly difficult or confining to solve from within but by giving departing talent innovation pathways through startup creation, you can see a significant return for a relatively low investment.

Nokia ended up investing in 20% of the startups generated during their Bridge redundancy programme.

Change futures with outskilling.

Contact us for a demo or to find out more how you can do something different.

Purposeful Outskilling as a tool for innovation and growth can be a strategic opportunity for everyone involved.

By providing and outskilling pathway, depending on your business requirements, you can enable your talent to solve industry issues, extend your network and build ambassadors that will support your organisation for years to come.


Not just the right thing to do, but also good business.

Innovative brands are using outskilling 

Amazon has invested considerable amounts of money into their outskilling programmes and in return has gained a competitive advantage and reach by empowering delivery drivers to start their own businesses. 

MacDonalds’ Archways to Opportunity programme knows that employees will ultimately leave, but programme participation typically increases employees’ tenure at the firm, reducing turnover and hiring costs.

Redundancy impact is underestimated.

While redundancy and layoffs have become commonplace, the real impact of this short term solution has often gone unheeded. Many executives are unaware of the significant implications for the future of their organisation and the people involved.

Companies that have layoffs are twice as likely to file for bankruptcy as companies that don’t have them.
Auburn University, Baylor University, and the University of Tennessee.

74% of layoff survivors say their productivity has dropped since a layoff and 61% have less confidence in their company’s future prospects.
A study by Leadership I.Q.

Employees who had been laid off during the 1982 recession showed that 20 years later, they were still earning 20% less than those who had kept their jobs.
Columbia University study

Laid-off employees have an 83% higher chance of developing a new health condition.
Study by Kate Strully, an assistant professor at SUNY

Adding ASPIRE Foundry to your outskilling and outplacement programmes, you’ll be directly supporting the third of your departing talent that want to become entrepreneurs.

Supporting entrepreneurship has incredible impacts on your business.

Based on Nokia, if done correctly adding Startup Outskilling to your toolset during redundancy and layoffs can deliver up to a 15x RoI for your company.

Lars Buch, Rainmaking

Revolutionalise outplacement programs.

Managing your talent during difficult times is a business-critical issue in the new Covid-19 economy to ensure business continuity and protection against long term impact and even closure.

Leading with a people-first approach is an escalating strategic mandate for passionate professionals as focus is put on leadership with care and meeting social responsibilities. How talent is released has the potential to influence the health and survival of an organisation.

Organisations can move from being just the executioner to taking the leadership role of driving positive change through difficult times. Humane and smart responses to unavoidable changes in your talent requirements aren’t just the right thing to do it’s also just good business.

Discover more in our white paper:

The Corporate Mandate to Activate Departing Talent

Discover more about our partnership with Wexplore and how we’re supporting departing talent in Italy.

Are you an outplacement firm looking to provide more?

We’re working with leading outplacement organisations around the world to improve the services provided to customers and departing talent. 

Adding this innovative pathway changes the impact and outcome of the unfortunate requirement to release staff providing a key differentiator to traditional services.

If you are interested in how you can get Startup Training as part of your offering contact us today.


Don’t let employees go, let them grow.

By empowering your organisation and employees at all stages of the lifecycle, you create more powerful and loyal teams that can grow with the business, stronger communities and local economic strength as well as drive industry innovation.


Creating brand detractors?

Employees, the lifeblood of the knowledge economy, distinguish one organisation from another. In today’s continuously changing business world, the success or failure of a company is largely dependent on the calibre of the talent they employ and attract. A bad employee brand costs.

According to a study conducted by LinkedIn:

  • A bad reputation costs a minimum 10% pay increase to convince a candidate to take a job.
  • Nearly 50% would entirely rule out taking the job regardless of any pay increase.
  • Even a 10% raise would only tempt 28% of them to join such a company.

57% of job candidates avoid companies with negative online reviews.

Or brand advocates!

Effective talent management is a business-critical issue for passionate C-suite teams and Senior HR professionals. Evolving Leadership with Purpose approaches need to include Leadership with Care. 

Startup outskilling can create lifelong ambassadors for your business while ensuring your own business continuity. How an organisation treats its departing employees has a direct impact on the consumer relationship and brand.

  • Interbrand’s Best Global Brands research shows that organisations that lead with a purpose outperform the stock market by 120%.

89% of CEOs agreed outskilling would benefit their companies’ reputations with consumers and their relationships with employees.

Supporting your talent differently when they leave is just good business.

It’s time to innovate your redundancy process for the better

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