Introducing ASPIRE Expand

We believe in the mantra “don’t let staff go, let them grow.”

Expand all stages of the employee lifecycle.

Add strategic startup outskilling to turn the full employee lifecycle into a growth opportunity.

Now is the time.

89% of CEOs agree “outskilling” initiative would benefit their consumer and employee reputation.

In the UK, 76% of people made redundant during lockdown developed a new business.

Supporting your departing talent to solve industry challenges can lead to new opportunity.

Brands who operate with purpose outperform the stock market by 120%.

Empowering talent.

Don’t let talent go, let them grow.

By providing new pathways when talent wants or needs to leave, you create opportunity for everyone involved.

  • Reduce productivity decline.
    Protect against the typical 20% reduction following redundancies or downturns.

  • Enhance brand perception.
    Enhance your external and employee brand while creating ambassadors.

  • New innovation.
    As Nokia discovered, talent often have ideas for industry-specific solutions that can lead to cost savings and new revenue opportunities.

  • Economic Growth.
    Stimulate local growth and drive new job creation. 

Nokia’s Bridge programme solved industry issues.

Nokia ended up investing in 20% of the startups generated.

Change futures.

Contact us for a demo or to find out more how you can do something different.

Purposeful Outskilling as a tool for innovation and growth can be a strategic opportunity for everyone involved.

By providing and outskilling pathway, depending on your business requirements, you can enable your talent to solve industry issues, extend your network and build ambassadors that will support your organisation for years to come.


Not just the right thing to do, but also good business.

Innovative brands are using outskilling 

Amazon has invested considerable amounts of money into their outskilling programmes and in return has gained a competitive advantage and reach by empowering delivery drivers to start their own businesses. 

MacDonalds’ Archways to Opportunity programme knows that employees will ultimately leave, but programme participation typically increases employees’ tenure at the firm, reducing turnover and hiring costs.

Based on Nokia, if done correctly adding Startup Outskilling to your toolset during redundancy and layoffs can deliver up to a 15x RoI for your company.

Lars Buch, Rainmaking

Revolutionalise outplacement programs.

Cover image of Corporate Mandate to activate departing talent

Managing your talent during difficult times is a business-critical issue in the new Covid-19 economy to ensure business continuity and protection against long term impact and even closure. Discover:

  • How leading with a people-first approach is an escalating strategic mandate as focus is put on leadership with care and meeting social responsibilities.
  • How talent is released has the potential to influence the health and survival of an organisation.
  • How organisations who move from being just the executioner are discovering it’s also just good business.

Discover more in our white paper:

One-third of talent departing want to become entrepreneurs.

Are you an outplacement firm looking to provide more?

We’re working with leading outplacement organisations around the world to offer ASPIRE Launch as a pathway to improve the services provided to customers and departing talent. 

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