Tobias Taupitz

Tobias Taupitz

Why did you start your own business?

I came across a pain point that bothered me a lot: the fewer claims an insurance company pays out, the more profit they make. They benefit from acting against their customers. It’s fairly obvious but the more I thought about it the more I knew this has to change — and an idea was born. Much of my journey was a matter of right time and right circumstances. I came across this idea and thought I could figure this out. I also had access to resources from regulators to investors to partners (including SBC) which aligned and made sense.

Toni Vicars

A strategic mind with a creative soul, I am passionate and dedicated to building and delivering exceptional, innovative customer-focused marketing. Track record as a highly motivated contributor and proven leader/coach in fast-paced, dynamic environments in both small hyper-growth organisations and global enterprises. Able to adapt & thrive in conditions of constant change while always striving for excellence at every touchpoint.

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