JP Barbe

JP Barbe

“Hi I’m JP Barbe, a current and serving Detective in London and now I also have co-founded my tech startup business, Route Aware, to help people get from point A to B safely allowing them to travel smart and travel safe”

Why did you start your own business?

I think it was always in the back of my mind that I needed to do this. I love being a Detective, but sometimes there is a feeling of powerless to victims needs and suspects wants. We keep hearing how things are getting worse from the government, stakeholders and other cops. I just couldn’t step back and not do everything in my power to try and stop the trend. We have more data than ever; we have the most advanced computers in our hands; we are more connected than ever, and we have the most number of victims and suspects than ever before. There is apathy, ignorance but no excuses. My co-founder and I have collectively 30 years worth of military and law enforcement experience. We have served the public all our adult lives and believe that we can still do more. There are and always will be limitations to public services and we don’t accept those. So we wanted to create an even safer society through our business: Route Aware.

Toni Vicars

A strategic mind with a creative soul, I am passionate and dedicated to building and delivering exceptional, innovative customer-focused marketing. Track record as a highly motivated contributor and proven leader/coach in fast-paced, dynamic environments in both small hyper-growth organisations and global enterprises. Able to adapt & thrive in conditions of constant change while always striving for excellence at every touchpoint.

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