Dave Stapleton

Dave Stapleton

“I used to be a Head of Sales with an Equity Fund, now I’m a founder & CEO of BUA FIT.”

BUA FIT connects people with 1000s of outdoor & online fitness classes with top trainers all over London.

When did you first think about starting your own business?

The moment was honestly way back when I was around 7/8 years old. I loved to hustle as a kid. I used to work in the family business when I was on school holiday and loved it, from that point I had a dream to build a number of successful businesses. My Dad was also a great influence as I looked (and still do) up to him a lot running his business. I always found ways to work and earn money form a very young age. For e.g. I would ask my Mum to drop me up to the local farmer when I was 10 so I could pluck turkeys to earn pocket money for Christmas. I…

Toni Vicars

A strategic mind with a creative soul, I am passionate and dedicated to building and delivering exceptional, innovative customer-focused marketing. Track record as a highly motivated contributor and proven leader/coach in fast-paced, dynamic environments in both small hyper-growth organisations and global enterprises. Able to adapt & thrive in conditions of constant change while always striving for excellence at every touchpoint.

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