Claire Jones

Claire Jones

I used to work at a corporate PR agency in town and regularly used to feel like I was letting everyone down. Now I have my own consultancy in the countryside and I feel like I’m successful across all

Why did you start your own business?

Six years ago and I felt like I was failing everyone — most of all myself. Syringing Calpol into my daughter’s mouth in the nursery car park wasn’t an uncommon event. I lived in fear of the ‘call’ that she needed collecting and the palpable disappointment in my boss’s face in the small PR agency of where I was now working (I had to give up my position at the big London agency when she was a toddler — the work-to-you-drop long hour’s culture didn’t mesh with set nursery times). But still, my daughter was the first one into the nursery and the last one to leave. However, I was still the last person into work and the first one to leave.

When I became pregnant with my second child I knew something had to change. I had hit the ceiling career-wise, and the stress of failing everyone was taking its toll. Having seen other colleagues take the leap to a freelance career I knew there was an alternative. But what if I couldn’t get any clients? What if no one paid? Regardless, I had to try — and, by God, am I happy I did.

Toni Vicars

A strategic mind with a creative soul, I am passionate and dedicated to building and delivering exceptional, innovative customer-focused marketing. Track record as a highly motivated contributor and proven leader/coach in fast-paced, dynamic environments in both small hyper-growth organisations and global enterprises. Able to adapt & thrive in conditions of constant change while always striving for excellence at every touchpoint.

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