I have been there too, with too much demand, too few resources and not seeing a clear way to get ahead of these problems – and by being well coached myself I succeeded.

Tim Palmer-headshot

Tim Palmer

March 8, 2021

I love helping people solve problems and feel very rewarded when those I coach overcome a challenge that was having a hugely detrimental impact on them and their business.

Tim Palmer is a Technology Coach and founder of Digital Transformation Consultancy Blue Hat Associates. With a degree in Computer Science and Maths, Tim started his career in Oracle, moving into roles with Citigroup and Deutsche Bank before joining AdTech innovator the Exchange Lab as their CTO. Building a team of engineers and product managers, Tim lead the company to acquisition by WPP in 2015. Tim now runs Blue Hat Associates, working with innovative businesses to support their investors and founding team in scaling the technology and product functions, preserving the X factor that is the company’s true value. 

“I am at heart a Computer Scientist and Mathematician – but have always looked for the commercial elements of technology. I have spent my whole career looking for the most challenging problems, using my experience to challenge assumptions and innovate. Since setting up Blue Hat, I now worked with some fantastic entrepreneurs and business leaders and supported them in building product/technology teams that are core to their success.”


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