I am passionate about helping the next generation of entrepreneurs to succeed.

Simon Hulme

Simon Hulme

April 22, 2021

I am happy to share what knowledge and experience I have gained.

Simon Hulme is a Programme Director of the MSc Entrepreneurship programme and Associate Professor at UCL School of Management, where he also lectures in Entrepreneurial Finance. Simon is also an active Business Angel investor, with around 30 investments. Simon is a serial entrepreneur having built up and sold two significant businesses in the past. At the age of 24 he started his first business, Frame Express, a chain of fast picture framing shops and subsequently Card Connection, a greeting card publisher distributing through over 100 franchisees in the UK and Ireland. Card Connection was in the Top 10 publishers in the greeting card industry. The business was sold to American Greetings Inc in 2008 and is today a key division of their UK business. Simon has recently written a book, Entrepreneurial Finance, specifically to help early stage entrepreneurs understand the financial statements and the process of fundraising.

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