I love sharing my innovation war stories, trying to help the people I work with avoid the mistakes I have made.

Kate Ainscough

December 17, 2020

I’m still learning too.

Kate learnt her trade and developed her passion for customer led innovation and doing things differently whilst setting up and leading innovation teams for E.ON UK and Jaguar Land Rover. She also spent a year at the International Institute of Product and Service Innovation at the University of Warwick, working with Start-ups and SME’s. ​

For a lot of people the most daunting thing can be getting started so five years ago she founded Freestyle Innovation. She is super interested in trying new stuff and learning rather than just talking about it. She has a really diverse client list ranging from global corporates to start ups and also works with some pretty awesome agencies.

Her special areas of interest are helping organisations understand their customers better; coupling this with rapid experimentation in order to learn fast and deliver better products and services. She’s an advocate of Design Thinking, Design Sprints and Lean Start up methodology. Essentially a creative problem solving framework which puts people at the centre of the design process. This means she spends a lot of time exploring, trying to find the real problem worth solving…

Discover more about Kate at her LinkedIn

And her website: https://www.freestyleinnovation.co.uk/

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