I have a lot of experience as a tech growth entrepreneur and I totally understand the entrepreneur mindset of founders.

Freddie Talberg

Freddie Talberg

April 22, 2021

I have been predominately a solo founder, creating my own tech businesses over the last 25 and continue to build new start up, so I am fairly active and current with the challenges of growing a start

Freddie is an experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of scaling businesses in the tech sector especially in: Transport, Smart Cities and Mapping. He has strong entrepreneurship, technical and creative product development skills; gained Professional skills at Board Level, Company Governance, Strategic Partnerships and Sales orientated growth strategies. Currently motivated to work with fellow entrepreneur founders with a growth tech business. The aim is to add value in how to handle the stress and strain of growth, guide and advise on the change management and avoid the many mistakes I made and ensure the founders gets to an exit. Sectors of experience: Technology, Transport, Big Data, SAAS & Scale Ups

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And at his website: www.emsol.io

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