My biggest passion is to create impact. Working with entrepreneurial minds leads to this impact, whether in a corporate setting or through venturing.

Christina Mueller

Christina Mueller

April 22, 2021

I believe everyone can achieve what they are aspiring – with the right mindset and support.

Christina is a Director at the London Stock Exchange Group, heading Strategic Planning and Execution in the Middle East & Africa. She also is an Associate Professor at IE Business School with focus in strategy, business planning, entrepreneurial mindset, corporate venturing, and entrepreneurship. By training she is a trained researcher and scientist who became an entrepreneur, commercializing a piece of fundamental research. By doing so Christina gained invaluable experience running all operations and major functions of the startup for several years. She is an experienced mentor to entrepreneurs and founders. Christina has worked with many startups through their initial stages developing business plan, go to market strategies, corporate governance, and funding plans. In her role she has been teaching classes of aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs before, throughout and after incorporation, enabling decision making and startup team building from the beginning of the corporate journey. Within the corporate world, she has been working in strategy, business planning & corporate development and strategic project & program management roles. Overall, Christina focuses her energy on big picture thinking while keeping a close eye on implementation strategy, execution, and details within each. In her mind strategy, planning and execution are closely linked. Through her global experience she understands the influence of local nuances in business and entrepreneurship well and is aware of the impact of diversified sets of cultures and values into the same. Christina holds a PhD in Chemistry and an Executive MBA from IE Business School.

Christina can coach in English and German.

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