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This week’s featured Coach/Mentors

Paul SturrockPaul Sturrock

I’ve spent my whole career leading the design and implementation of entrepreneurial strategy, or developing the capability of others to do so.

Paul Sturrock
I’m the co-Founder at Climbworks. I have advised founders and early-stage investors as a mentor, board director, and consultant.
Paul Sturrock
I’ve developed Simple Venture Design, an entrepreneurial toolkit which integrates creative tools such as Effectual Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking and Lean Startup with analytic ones. It’s become the basis for teaching business design as a creative craft as opposed to an art or a science. I’ve used this approach to design acceleration programmes and courses for the FFWDLondon Pre-Accelerator, Imperial College Techcelerate, the London City Incubator, City University, Central Saint Martins, Scottish Institute for Enterprise, and Hong Kong University, and Wayra Madrid.I started my career in with Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, the most successful medical startup in Silicon Valley history…

I love helping businesses understand their customers and innovate better.

Kate Ainscough
Started my own thing working with businesses who want to understand their customers and innovate better. Using design thinking, design sprint and lean startup techniques.
Kate Ainscough

I’m the founder of Freestyle Innovation. I also work with the Corporate Internal Innovation team at Rainmaking, supporting and coaching client teams on programmes which deliver culture and mindset shift; upskill corporate employees in the skills used by best in class startups; and lay down the process needed to rapidly validate and bring new ideas to market. And with Innovation Coach helping to grow people and companies as part of a community of carefully curated independent coaches and mentors connecting leaders of startups and the enterprises they are disrupting whilst sharing leadership best practice. And finally BEAF, who are an innovation agency that turns ideas into new products, brands and services.

I bring a sense of openness and enjoyment, a focus on what matters.

Dan Roe
I love to turn complex into simple. I focus my energy on helping others embed Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and other methodologies to drive collaboration, creativity and an entrepreneurial approach
Dan Roe
Founder of outthebox.io and Startup Sherpa. Innovation Trainer, Coach and Mentor. I love to turn complex into simple. I focus my energy on helping others embed Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and other methodologies to drive collaboration, creativity and an entrepreneurial approach to growth. This helps in generating better ideas, validating or killing them quickly, and getting them earning revenue as quickly as possible. Specialties: Lean Startup and Design Thinking training and coaching. Online and digital product and portfolio management, general management, P&L management, business modelling and analysis, process efficiency, digital marketing, strategy development, embedding user and customer-first culture, innovation, digital transformation, coaching and mentoring.
Kumaran Veluppillai

“I mean…who wouldn’t want to work with talented, creative and knowledgeable individuals?!?!”

Kumaran Veluppillai
Kumy is passionate about helping early-stage companies gain traction, through customer insight and experimentation.
Kumaran Veluppillai
Kumaran Veluppillai
Kumy specialises in helping early-stage companies gain traction, through customer insight and experimentation. Previously, Kumy was Co-Founder of SaaStock, Europe’s largest conference for B2B SaaS leaders and led marketing at Kayako, a customer service software platform with over 35,000+ customers. He was also on the Founding team of Bluefields a VC backed startup accelerated by 500 startups and Seedcamp. He is an active part of the startup community having coached and mentored hundr…
Yasmine El-MehairyYasmine El-Mehairy

I am an optimist by nature, an it’s my default …

Yasmine ElMehairy
I’m a Problem Solver, Story Teller, Innovator, Design Thinker and Public Speaker
Yasmine ElMehairy
17 years experience in digital technology; with focus on online media and eCommerce, including:10 years in entrepreneurship; designing strategies, building ventures, leading teams, and growing revenue, and3 years in Management ConsultingExecutive MBA – London Business School, MSc Interactive Mul…
Dominique AubryDominique Aubry

I am an Entrepreneur at heart

Dominique Aubry
Trained over 1,000 entrepreneurs on Lean Startup Methodology: Adult trainer focused on customer discovery, product development and process improvement.
Dominique Aubry
Founder @Aubry. MassChallenge 2019. TechStars Mentor-In-Residence. National Grid Entrepreneur-In-Residence. A senior executive with verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround, and rapid-change environments. Highly s…

Coaching at ASPIRE

A Coach is an experienced entrepreneur, someone who has been there and done it before, taking a company from launch to successfully trading (and in some instances, an exit) They have a full understanding of what it takes to build a business across it’s variety of disciplines and have experience in coaching other founders / startups / in educational settings.

Mentors at ASPIRE

A Mentor is a subject matter expert, someone who can dive deep into a topic and knows the ins and outs to share their experience with first-timers so they can make a demonstrable impact on that area of their business – ie: you might be an expert in User Experience and be able to share this with people as they are creating their first landing pages or you might be an expert in People & Culture, and be able to help in understanding how to find the right skills for your company

Interested in working with ASPIRE as a Coach or Mentor? 

Disruption and the speed of change.

2020 saw the surprising combination of the global pandemic and technology advances which resulted in a “decade in days” adoption of digital.  It might sound counter-intuitive but this creates opportunity.

History shows us, recessions and unstable periods present the best opportunities to start new companies. During the 2008 Financial Crisis, billion-dollar startups like Uber, Airbnb, and many others were founded partly as a response to changing market dynamics. 

As highlighted by Entrepreneur and an article by Alex Gold, CMO of Myia Health, “The present-day is no exception, offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and unfair advantages to potential entrepreneurs. Among these are increased access to people and talent at lower and negotiable , and an environment in which consumers are more willing to try new products and services — often out of necessity. “

With the right support including from our coaches and mentors, mindset and tools, this could be the perfect time for your startup.


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