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We have a passion.

We don’t believe that the skills or mindset needed to be amazing entrepreneurs in or outside a company should be limited to a few people.

Our mission is to empower the world with startup thinking and skills needed to create the future and deliver meaningful impact to society and the environment.  We deliver this by empowering talent with the critical skills for the future: complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity, along with the tools and mindset to experiment and innovate. Our no-bull approach is straightforward, leverages proven methodologies and is designed to take you from idea to launch as successfully and quickly as possible.

Our team is made up of people who have worked both in the corporate arena as well as startups. We know from personal experience what it’s like to go through the journey. We’ve also witnessed the underbelly of the startup world; people promising too much, fake shortcuts and unachievable dreams. 

We wanted to build a movement of entrepreneurship that was based on driving real value, not making false promises. That does exactly what it says on the tin. That is fun. Engaging. But most of all is powerful.

We have a passion to change lives, businesses and most of all futures.

The future is entrepreneurs. I want to build a business that celebrates entrepreneurship, by building a powerful, engaging media platform that teaches, through learn-by-doing methods, the critical skills needed in all businesses and startups.

Chris Locke, CEO

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Meet the Team

Chris Locke

Chris is the CEO of ASPIRE as well as a Partner at Rainmaking, heading up the Global Solutions team. Prior to Rainmaking, Chris led Pearson’s award-winning Global Innovation Team, leading the company through its transition from print to digital. Chris also founded Startup Republic, a UK focused edtech company helping students build startups whilst studying.

Favorite things: Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Running with my dog and hanging out with my amazing family.

Katie Lewis

Katie is COO of ASPIRE where she drives the operations of the business as it focuses on empowering people to “learn by doing”, developing the mindset, skills and tools it takes to launch a new business. Prior to ASPIRE Katie was Programme and Partnerships Director at The Accelerator Network, she joined at its formation and oversaw the development and delivery of 80 accelerator programmes in the UK and internationally, supporting over 1000 early stage businesses.

Favourite things: champagne, 9 Others, her fiancee and travelling

Véronique Rapetti

As Head of Learning & Engagement, Véronique is excited to bring over 25 years of experience in learning & development, entrepreneurship, strategic execution and commercial focus to the team. Prior to ASPIRE, as the Programme Director – Learning & Partnership at the Center For Entrepreneurs she worked with over 300 founders providing them with the tools,
knowledge and confidence to launch and grow their business
Favourite things: swimming, windsurfing, long walks and networking/meeting new people to discover new things

Toni Vicars

Toni looks is our VP Marketing which includes building our brand and getting our name into the atmosphere and everyone’s consciousness. She’s worked for some well-known brands such as Microsoft and Apple but for the last few years, she’s focused on helping to build startups being the first marketing hire in a number of organisations. She’s also the founder of her own side-hustles.

Favourite things: Angus her cocker spaniel, expresso martinis, movies, and spin classes.

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Our Entrepreneurs

Jide Maduako

Jide Maduako

I was a Professional Football Player
Amy Todd

Amy Todd

I worked in corporate finance
Andrea Severino

Andrea Severino

I wanted to pursue dreams in my own way

Coaches & Mentors

Janice B Gordon

Janice B Gordon

I love coaching and mentoring people to have them develop themselves.
Janice B Gordon

Janice B Gordon

I love coaching and mentoring people to have them develop themselves.
Yasmine El-Mehairy

Yasmine ElMehairy

I am an optimist by nature, an it’s my default to think of ways how to make things better.


We’re impressed by your talent.

What is it like working at ASPIRE?

  • We will always work at the speed of a startup – it’s our business. You have to be ready to jump in, get things done and not always do just your job.
  • Talent can live anywhere! You can work from home – we’re in the middle of COVID-19 after all and if we’ve learned anything it’s how to work virtually. But we do give you access to SohoWorks if you do need an office environment. 
  • Be real. Don’t be a dick. Transparency. What can we say – we can list a bunch of things but really it comes down to being a decent human being. If you like politics or want to be a supreme ruler of beings – with as much respect as possible, we’re not the company for you. 
  • We don’t have tons of benefits yet.  We’ll get there.  Right now we’re focused on being just a great company doing great things.

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