Developing the skills, tools and mindset to create futures.

A pioneering new approach.

When everything can change in a moment, new skills and critical capabilities must be embraced to enable you to quickly unlock new value. Our unique powerful learn-by-doing training programme instils startup thinking across organisations and individuals to drive results.

For corporates, it includes driving new agility to manage change, launching new products quickly and effectively to maximising value from existing solutions.  For individuals, it’s about the skills, tools and mindset to build a successful new business, internal startup or even side hustle.

Harness the power of Startup Thinking.
Learn and build new critical skills and capabilities to unlock new futures.

Now is the time.

Disruption, automation and the pandemic will displace 85 million jobs by 2025.  50% of those remaining will need reskilling by 2025.

In the UK alone, 76% of people who have been made redundant during lockdown have developed a new business.

95% of product launches fail, and with disruption rapidly changing customer expectations organisations must evolve.

Unlimited, well-designed, innovative ideas and global age skills can quadruple enterprise performance.

Empower your business with critical sills


Embed new skills and tools into the heart of your business to harness the power of startup thinking.


Providing entrepreneurship as a pathway changes futures for businesses and talent.

Built by those that have.

Born out of innovation and startup empowerment

Founded in 2007 by a small group of entrepreneurs to use their experience to build impactful businesses and unleashes the power of entrepreneurship to solve big problems.
Rainmaking founders started Startupbootcamp to help other early stage founders grow and is now the world’s largest industry-focused accelerator.

A Foundry pathway is just good business.

Don’t let staff go – let staff grow.

Inspired to become a founder?

Are you itching to get going on an idea? Want to take control of your future or want to work living your passion? Or even part of an internal team given the green light to build something new?

Give yourself the skills to start a successful startup, internal venture or side-hustle.


“No gimmicks, no false promises. Just the skills, approach and tools to be successful.”


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